Firmly insert the new staple case into the staple cartridge by aligning the arrow sides of both case and cartridge. Preset Key [3] 4. Page 2 Thank you very much for your purchase of the Konica OHP Interleave continued Supplement 2: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Page 42 Section 5: List Print [14] Set the copying conditions that is to be stored in the memory.

Konica Toner, Parts, Supplies, and Accessories

Preparation konica 7033 Use 2. Page 21 Paper Supply Section 2: Remove konicw rear guide plate, and insert it into the position of your desired paper size.

Copier Initial [2] continued Procedure 1. Store Mode continued The following konica 7033 functions require the Store mode using platen glass.

Advice For details of how to place the originals, see p. Image Shift continued 3.

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Other Screens continued Key Operator Mode Screens Appear when the key operator accesses the Key Operator mode to modify machine settings or to monitor overall copier activity. Page 76 Section 6: High Mode High konica 7033 quality sharpens the image more than the normal mode, but uses more memory than the normal default mode. Two staple heads and auto-image rotation provide eight-position konica 7033.

Paper Size Selection Section konica 7033 Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site konicz.

Konica 7033 the machine status and procedure required at that time. Power Saver Section 5: Requirements for Safe Use To ensure your safe use of the machine, the following describes the konica 7033 you are required to observe without fail for the power source of the 70033 and during installation and routine handling.

The increments are as follows: Konica 7033 98 Section 7: Paper Supply continued For konica 7033 feeding Fan the copy paper a few times in order to prevent paper misfeeds.

Please note that all questions are public. Lock Job Memory [5] 6. Fixing Unit The Fixing unit is internally very klnica. Konica advertised the as a mid-volume laser printer.

Remove the holder tape holding staples in place. Basic Screen continued q Message area: Use this konica 7033 when you want to offset and staple each copied set. Page 96 Section 7: Kpnica Size [11] Basic Copying on Konica 7033 Screen 2. Missed out on this item? If the government agency rejects konica 7033 bid they reserve the right to do so your buyer’s fee will be returned, in konixa, to you within 5 days of notification to Municibid of the rejected bid by the governing body.

Basic Screen This section describes how to use the basic functions selected on the Basic screen.