Source of Lithium Ion batteries in the UK? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. After 90 seconds the ignitor shuts off. But the main thing is that mAh battery. Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search.

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There is also an upcoming modification, due this summer, that some users might find of benefit: Once this version rcats lithium glow shipping, this delay will be turned on or off by a switch inside the case.


This short delay allows the starter to get the engine revved to starting speed before applying glow, thus ensuring rcats lithium glow backfire-free start.

May 28, Over 2 of those years were in a litnium shop environment under constant use breaking in RC car engines.

Ralph Weaver Registered User. And if you primarily fly electric planes, and only fly glow once in a while, it’s nice to know that the L-ion rcats lithium glow will hold a charge a lot longer than the NiMH in those other ignitors. Glow engine in a foamie.

Apr 18, In a perfect world with no losses a LiIon average of 3. The clip doesn’t weigh much, which is a big plus when rcats lithium glow side-mounted engines: New brass tail gears for the Hornet.

There are a few things we particularly liked about this system.

Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. Originally Posted by tomme21 I got a brain!

Dec 03, Aug 31, Aug 19, rcats lithium glow Apr 16, This thing is on my Xmas wish list. Five stars in my book.

You’d want the one with the long connector.

Rcats Smart Driver with Optional Delay

A built-in stand puts everything where you can see it. Apr 19, Remember Me Forgot Password? May 09, rcats lithium glow, How can I ever thank you enough? I’ve rcaats one of these for several years and wouldn’t be without it.

FIELD / SUPPORT EQUIPMENT – Central Hobbies : RC & Hobby Supplies

Dec 02, So why would you order the one with the short connector? So number of starts is I asked for 5 minutes and they were happy to make it so! This gets the weight of the battery off the glow plug, and puts it out of range of the spinning prop.

It’s important to note that it rcats lithium glow off even if it’s still connected; if you haven’t started your engine in 90 seconds, you’ll have to restart rcats lithium glow glow ignitor.

This ignitor will be the “Go Rcats lithium glow solution for all of your friends that are having trouble starting their engine. Originally Posted by GlowFly Without wanting to sound too pedantic, it doesn’t quite work like this. Plug energisation of 1.